Thursday, November 04, 2004

LA WEEKLY: Georges de Paris Spring Collection

"Georges de Paris, who made the suit worn by Bush, said the bulge was nothing more than a pucker along the jacket's back seam, accentuated when the president crossed his arms and leaned forward.”—Seattle Times, October 9, 2004

Le Klepto — Double-breasted suit with bulges generously distributed throughout the pocket zones of jacket and slacks.

Le Content de vous voir — Three-button, prep-styled suit with a trouser bulge that is discreet, yet impressive enough to leave no doubt in Miss West’s mind.

L’Après-midi d’un faune — Unvented two-button jacket with Continental styling. Tail bulge, coiled for streamlined look. Fedora with horn bulges, rakishly curved. Optional trouser bulge (Le Satyre model).

La Passion — Outline of cross visible in jacket and seat of slacks. Padded armpits keep arms horizontal at all times — watch the crowds part for you, as they do for Mel.

Le Tigre — Three-piece suit in Harris tweed with long, elegant vertical line in each trouser leg. Bulges just above the cuffs. Select from iron-, wood-, or putter-shaped bulges.

Le Magnum .44 — Because nothing’s quite as hot as a man who’s packing heat.

Friday, October 29, 2004

SALON.COM: NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate

Using digital image analysis techniques, a senior research scientist for NASA identified a T-shaped box under Bush's jacket during the first debate along with a possible wire running up the Bush's back.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

COUNTERPUNCH: Bush's Latest Lie About What He Wore to the Debates

Two weeks after insisting that the mysterious 3-D bulge under George W. Bush's jacket during the debates was, in fact, a wrinkle in poorly tailored jacket, Bush on ABC's "Good Morning" attributed the bulge to a poorly tailored shift. Skeptics note that with the bulge-related media frenzy at the time, it is unlikely the president wored the same badly fitting shirt for all three debates.

Monday, October 25, 2004

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Bush's mystery bulge was a poorly tailored shirt

When asked about the bulge that appeared as he and Sen. John Kerry debated Sept. 30 in Coral Gables, Fla., Bush at first teased, "Well, you know, Karen Hughes and Dan Bartlett had rigged up a sound system . . .'' then declared "I don't know what that is,'' Bush said. ``I mean, it is -- I'm embarrassed to say -- it's a poorly tailored shirt.'' Bush said there was no sound system or electrical signal. In this week's "Doonesbury" comic strip a disembodied voice instructed Bush to "Switch to appointee defense!'' when the president -- rendered as an empty suit of gladiator armor -- was asked at a news conference to explain the suspicious lump during the debate. Taking cues from the phantom adviser, Bush tells the questioner that he didn't want to embarrass anyone for the bulge but that "I have no choice but to name one of them.'' In the final panel the voice then says, "My tailor!'' The president, however, hears it differently. "Mike Taylor!'' he blurts out, to obvious confusion from his questioner.

Monday, October 18, 2004

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Rational Thinking Challenges Bush Earpiece Theory

OK, let's say the president of the United States has been wearing an earpiece to cheat at debates and public appearances. If found out, wouldn't he have to resign office? At the very least, such a scandal would result in certain defeat come November. That's an awfully huge risk to take.

If someone is feeding information on the fly to Bush, who is that someone? Where is he/she located? And how is he/she able to process questions and topics and coach Bush, within seconds?

In the first debate, Bush's performance was so awful it's become the prime source of skit material on "Saturday Night Live." And we're supposed to believe he was coached? As Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe put it, "If he had an earpiece and those were his answers, they ought to fire every person in the back room."

COUNTERPUNCH: Bulletin on the Bush Bulge

I just got a look at the full Fox tape of President Bush's May '04 joint news conference with French President Jaques Chirac. In that tape, as in several other tapes I've seen, Bush can be heard seemingly getting prompting from another voice. About 12 seconds into the piece, the leading voice says, "And I look forward to working to" Bush comes in with "And I look workin'And I look forward to workin' to" The verbal slip-up makes it clear that this is no electronic echo or sound synchronization problem.

At another point, about one minute and sixteen seconds into the tape, the leading voice lets out a loud exhale of breath. Bush does not follow suit. There is no preceding voice when a reporter is heard asking a question. Also, at one minute and 28 seconds into this tape, Bush reaches up and manipulates something in his ear, at which point there is a static noise and the sound of a speaker acting up, until he removes his fingers from his ear.

FOX NEWS: Technical Glitch with President's Earpiece Prompter During D-Day Chirac Press Conference

New Fox News video footage has been posted to the Internet of President Bush holding a press conference with President Chirac during which allegedly a technical glitch meant that French TV viewers got to hear Bush's earpiece feed. The broadcast shows Bush repeating prompts from an advisor, in response to questions from the press, as well as during his speech. The prompter's voice is also inadvertently broadcast to the entire room - after which a distracted Bush adjusts the earpiece in his ear.

SLATE: Rush Limbaugh Alleges Al Gore Wore Earpiece

In July 2000, Rush Limbaugh made a stink on his show about the conspicuous earpiece that Al Gore wore on the July 16 edition of Meet the Press. He speculated that Gore was being fed answers by his handlers.

According to a Meet the Press spokesperson, all guests wear earpieces while appearing on the show so that they can hear the audio tracks of news clips that are played. The stage managers usually place the IFB (interruptible fold back) on the less visible ear, but in this case Gore insisted on wearing an IFB that had been fitted to his right ear.

Ross Perot previously accused Gore of having answers fed to him via earpiece during their NAFTA debate on Larry King Live.

LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN: Top Ten President Bush Explanations For The Bulge In His Jacket

10. "It's connected to an earpiece so Cheney can feed me answers--crap, I wasn't supposed to say that."

9. "It's a device that shocks me every time I mispronounce a word."

8. "Just a bunch of intelligence memos I haven't gotten around to reading yet."

7. "Mmm, delicious Muenster cheese."

6. "John Kerry initially voted for the bulge in my jacket, then voted against it."

5. "I'll tell you exactly what it is--it's a clear sign this econonmy is moving again."

4. "Halliburton is drilling my back for oil."

3. "Oh like you've never cheated in a presidential debate.

2. "Accidentally took some of Governer Schwarzenegger's 'roids."

1. "If Kerry's gonna look like a horse, then I'm gonna look like a camel."

THE WITCHITA EAGLE: Comedians on the Political Campaign

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

"Some charge George Bush of being fed answers through a secret earpiece. There may be something to it. Every time he answered a question, my garage door went up."

MICHIGAN LIVE: Poor Debate Performance Cited to Debunk Bush Earpiece Allegations

Conspiracy theorist bloggers conclude that the lump was a transmitter strapped to the president's body, which was relaying instructions to a wireless earpiece in the president's ear.

The theorists suggest that Karl Rove was transmitting the answers to Bush, who has been known to get lost in a thicket of verbiage when trying to speak extemporaneously.

If this were a sinister plot to keep the president from looking like a doofus on national television, it had a few bugs in it. Maybe Democratic strategist James Carville had hijacked the transmitter and was whispering the words "it's a tough job" over and over into the president's ear.

It's hard to explain Bush's poor performance in the first debate and his much-improved delivery in the second. Maybe his transmitter problems were fixed. Maybe he tossed the danged thing and decided to wing it.

PORTLAND TRIBUNE: Mr. President, may I look in your ear?

If Bush were wearing one of those tiny, wireless earpieces and an accompanying receiver — and being prompted by one of his aides on what he should say next — it would be a Milli Vanilli moment to be sure...

Looking at the video, it certainly seems as if there’s something sticking out from under Bush’s suit jacket in the upper back region. But Bush’s tailor has been quoted as saying it’s merely a bulge from his suit when he folds his arms...

Earpiece assistance is rampant. Take the networks’ White House correspondents, for example. When you watch them live on the evening news, speaking flawlessly into the camera on the White House lawn without a script or a teleprompter, you figure they’ve memorized what they’re going to say. But more likely, they’ve recorded their “standup” on a mini tape machine, and are playing it back in their earpiece.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

THE ECONOMIST: 49% Believe Bush Debate Bulge was a Radio Receiver

A new poll by The Economist found that 24% of American respondents who were registered to vote had seen photographs during the second Presidential debate showing a bulge under the back of President Bush's jacket. While 30% of Democrats had seen a photo, just 18% of Republicans had. Of those who had seen a photo, 49% believed the bulge was caused by a radio receiver Bush was using to communicate with his team during the debate; while 18% believed the President's explanation that it was a fold caused by the fall of his jacket.

SALON.COM: New Photos Show Bush Wearing Bulge in Crawford

Speculation continues to run wild about President Bush's mystery bulge. Since Friday, when Salon first raised questions about the rectangular bulge that was visible under Bush's suit coat during the presidential debates, many observers in the press and on the Internet have wondered aloud whether the verbally and factually challenged president might be receiving coaching via a hidden electronic device.

Now a technical expert who designs and makes such devices for the U.S. military tells Salon that he believes the bulge is indeed a transceiver designed to receive electronic signals and transmit them to a hidden earpiece lodged in Bush's ear canal.

WIRED NEWS: Ross Perot Attributed 1993 Debate Defeat to Al Gore's Earpiece

"Watch Al Gore's ear.... All I know is that you can see that thing twinkle, " said Ross Perot, voicing his belief that Al Gore was being coached through an earpiece during the 1993 NAFTA debate on Larry King Live, in which Gore effectively turned most of the nation off to the idea of Ross Perot and on to the idea of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

See also "Citizen Perot" by Gerald Posner (

MEET THE PRESS: Ken Mehlman, Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Manager

MR. RUSSERT: Before we go, Mr. Mehlman, clear up this mystery that has been raging on the Internet. This was the first debate, George Bush at the podium, the bulge in the back of the suit. All right. Come clean. What is it?

MR. MEHLMAN: The president, in fact, was receiving secret signals from aliens in outer space. You heard it here on MEET THE PRESS.

MR. SHRUM: You mean you sent Rove into orbit.

MR. RUSSERT: It was not a bulletproof vest or magnets for his back or anything?

MR. MEHLMAN: I'm not sure what it was, but the gentleman responsible for the tailoring of that suit is no longer working for this administration.

NEW YORK TIMES: Talk of Bubble Leads to Battle Over Bulge

New pictures on the Internet last week showed protuberances under Mr. Bush's T-shirt at his ranch and again under his coat at the second and third debates. Some theories had the bulge as a bulletproof vest or a tracking device to help the Secret Service locate Mr. Bush should he be kidnapped.

The White House flatly denied it all, and continued to insist that the bulge wasn't there, or that it amounted to nothing.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: Battle of the bulge

The online rumor mill kept grinding out the theory that the president wore an electronic device with a hidden earpiece so he could receive information and, one presumes, talking points during the debate. If true, that would be cheating and would confirm the Bush critics' belief that he isn't honest or well-informed enough to debate without someone prompting him. Some theorists point to the moment in that debate when the president said 'let me finish' in the middle of his answer, when there was no evidence anyone was trying to interrupt him.

The Post quoted 'sources' who said Mr. Bush wasn't wearing a protective vest. A Bush campaign spokeswoman said it was just a rumple in his jacket. Knight Ridder Newspapers' Camille Ricketts interviewed the presidential tailor, Georges de Paris, who said the bulge was a pucker along the jacket's back seam, accentuated when Mr. Bush crossed his arms and leaned forward.

WASHINGTON DISPACTCH: 'Bush Wired' Story Continues; 'Bulge' Appears in Third Debate

In the third and final debate, the bulge came back. As shown in the attached photo generated in house directly from the NBC broadcast (click the image to enlarge), the clearly defined shape that started this buzz is back.